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Fueled with Digikala Group powerful technology, No-Avarn Pardakht-e Majaazi-e Iranian is seeking for innovative integrated ways in e-payments and mobile payments to improve the users experience and the industry in Iran.

Digipay creative and experienced team is moving towards designing a well-secured and fast methods of online payment to bring the best experience for neo-bankers, online stores and services users to take care of their daily payments such as C2C and paying bills.

Digipay mobile and online payment methods are payment solutions for banks and businesses in order to create a world class experience for their customers and business partners in terms of payments processes and services.


اپلیکیشن موبایل دیجی پی

Digipay Mobile Application

Digipay mobile application is a 360-degree payment solution in which end-users can meet all their payment requirements. Users can handle all their daily transactions using Digipay mobile application. They will also receive in depth detail of their transactions inside the application environment.

درگاه هوشمند پرداخت دیجی پی

Digipay Smart IPG (Internet Payment Gateway)

Using Digipay smart IPG for your online payments form online websites will lead you to an always successful experience. Digipay smart IPG picks the most suitable and most reliable payment gateway for you instantaneously and guarantees a successful secure e-payment experience for users.

Our Services

راهکارهای پرداخت و دریافت برای کسب و کارها

Pay and receive solutions for businesses

Digipay is aiming for offering a package of e-payment services to businesses whether small or big which they can rely on for all pay and receive transitions, moreover an ecosystem which businesses can take hold for managing their customers behavior and needs in the all steps of online payment process.

خدمات مالی برای کاربران نهایی

End-user e-payment services

All the daily and routine transactions done by end-users of all types of e-payments can fall into Digipay integrated ecosystem for experience a seamless process of all small payments including C2C, paying bills, account top-ups and more.

Our Customers

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